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Broomfield County Residents to Submit 3000+ Signatures to add Fracking Moratorium to November 2013 Ballot

BROOMFIELD, Colorado (August 2, 2013) – Our Broomfield will conclude its petition and signature drive on Friday, August 2nd, and submit signatures in support of a City Charter Amendment to place a 5-year moratorium on Oil and Gas Extraction on the November 2013 ballot. The ballot initiative will give Broomfield voters the freedom to wait for the results of ongoing research on the effects of fracking on health, safety and property value.

Over the last month, more than 3,350 Broomfield voters signed the ballot initiative petition— over 1,000 more than the 2,082 required signatures to place a charter amendment on the ballot. The Charter Amendment will be put to a direct vote by the community, allowing citizens to decide for themselves if they want to proceed with allowing heavy industry in our neighborhoods and near our schools prior to a full examination from independent sources on the health effects of fracking.

Within just 4 months of organizing, the group has been met with encouragement from the community and genuine appreciation from residents who were not aware how quickly oil and gas extraction was proceeding in Broomfield.  Petition volunteers have reported many instances of residents thanking them for taking the time to work on this important issue and bringing it to the voters of Broomfield. “By going door to door, I was able to talk to numerous Broomfield residents.  There were so many residents who were surprised to hear that this issue was going on in Broomfield.  I had people giving me their business cards because they were in agreement that the process known as fracking shouldn’t be happening near schools and residential areas.  They wanted to help.  We believe this is a cause worth fighting for.  Not just for ourselves, but for our children and future generations,” said Our Broomfield volunteer, resident, and mother of three, Meghan Mariner.

Said another Our Broomfield organizer, resident and mother of two, Jennie Markarian, “It is amazing what can happen when concerned citizens stand up for their basic human rights. Citizens with jobs, children, and busy day-to -day lives gave up their time, and in many cases their own money to raise awareness and collect signatures to get this issue on the ballot. We have nothing to gain but the truth, and for so many of us, the truth is invaluable. I feel honored to have met some of the wonderful people who helped make this happen for Broomfield.”

Our Broomfield will now begin the campaign to educate our community further on the potential dangers of oil and gas extraction, which include water and air contamination, health impacts and depreciation of property values. Broomfield resident and mother of two, Jackie Houle, adds “I have met so many thoughtful and educated people during the past few months. The facts speak for themselves and the anecdotal evidence gives us pause… Which is why taking a time out on fracking in our heavily populated town is paramount to ensure the health, safety, and environment for Broomfield, neighboring communities, and the citizens of the Front Range.”

“I recently saw a video where Governor Hickenlooper was quoted as saying ‘Oil and gas is an industrial process that none of us want in our backyards.’ As a Broomfield mother I agree with the Governor -none of us want to see the dangerous process of fracking next to our homes and schools,” said AnnMarie Clearly, Broomfield resident and mother of two.

“Our Broomfield sees the effort to protect the people’s health from the dangers fracking for oil and gas as part of the larger movement throughout Colorado,” said Laura Fronckiewicz, who is expecting her second child any day.  “We support the initiatives in Lafayette, Loveland, Boulder and Fort Collins to assert public health and safety as the highest community objective.”

Contact: Laura Fronckiewicz, 312-533-0525, Jennie Markarian, 805-587-5282, Nate Troup, 314-330-4467

For the latest on what City and County of Broomfield is discussing, please visit this page:


Letters to the Editor

Bruce Gladstone, Daily Camera, 5/17/13

Vince Miller, retired geo-physicist and meteorologist, and Jennifer Palazzolo, mother and co-founder of Erie Rising, addressed a group of concerned people from Heatherwood Monday night.

Miller recently immersed himself in gathering and dispersing information after he discovered the gravity of fracking. When another family pulled their children out of the Erie school mid year and moved to Boulder, Palazzolo began to ask questions. Being an anti-fracking activist for one and a half years, she is not willing to risk the health of her children. So, she too is moving to Boulder. Read More


Melissa Weber, Daily Camera, 5/20/13

Gov. John Hickenlooper ordered that the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission address the fine structure associated with drilling. This sounds more like political cover than substantive policy change.

It has been said that the governor will be running for president with the financial backing from the oil and gas industry. Isn’t this a conflict of interest? To represent the people and an industry simultaneously? Supporting fracking within communities is to exploit the residents of Colorado. If the governor doesn’t have our backs in Longmont, it is well worth it to pay some legal fees to protect our community. We voted to ban fracking in our city limits and we have to protect ourselves through the legal system. Read More



Residents push Broomfield council to reconsider fracking moratorium

by Megan Quinn, Broomfield Enterprise 6/12/2013

BROOMFIELD — Residents on Tuesday expressed disappointment that Broomfield likely will not seek a moratorium on fracking.

Fracking was not on the agenda for Tuesday’s City Council meeting, but members of the Don’t Frack Broomfield group and other residents spoke during public comment to respond to council’s recent fracking discussion. As part of their protest against fracking, they brought their young children to the meeting to illustrate how many people in the city cannot vote on the issue or speak out against the oil and gas drilling practice. Read More

Broomfield residents urge moratorium on fracking

by Megan Quinn

BROOMFIELD — Residents at a town hall meeting asked the City Council to enact a moratorium on fracking to examine potential health and environmental impacts.

Hundreds of residents filled the Broomfield Auditorium on Wednesday night to discuss the impact of oil and gas issues on the community.

Broomfield will soon consider a request for four natural gas wells in the North Park neighborhood, which some residents are protesting because of the wells’ proximity to homes and charter school Prospect Ridge Academy. Read More